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poet on basin stone, langfield common
Haslam on the basin stone, langfield common 
(photographed by Marisa)

Poet, what do you write about? How do you write?
        I try to make a continual song out of merely being here. See: On the Name.

Here's a sample of poetry. It's from a work of the early 1990's, the ending of the Introduction to The Green Woodpecker.

I have been known to suffer troughs
of the phenomena of atmosphere, when if
I wanted witnesses, then all I heard
were gasping whispers of the co-conspirators,
but you know me, I could be trapped
in the deepest pit, and still I'd see
the stars in daytime, thinking these
are my terrific angels
aiming down at me.

It's iambic, written in grammatical sentences with orthodox punctuation, and uses the traditional resources of poetry. It may not be clear why I should be (if I am) linked with avantgardists and experimenters. The answer is, historical accident, or, like finding a place to live---having found a loose net of congenial spiritual company, I see no good reason to forgo it.


Table of Contents

On the Name. (ContinualeSong)
Recent Books and other publications
Notes to Mid Life
A companion to Mid Life (Shearsman June 2007) 

Notes to Music:
1. The Music Laid Her Notes
2. A Sinner Saved: The Notes (begun)
3. Wood  Notes (to be made)

Proses (The False Novel)

Narrative Bibliography

The Box-Room
The Box-room gives access (I hope) to the displaced web-pages Unique Objectss,
Grubby Duplicates, and Charlatan Artworks, as well as other old material.
A sample of Current Scribble (typed) from the notebooks
(currently not quite so current--- a birthday poem, a few minutes, or a few years, old)

One or two Photographs of the poet 
The Juveniliad, a personal archaeology of the 1970's. 
some works from the 1970s
 and a shedule of intentions.

Michael Haslam, 14 Foster Clough, Hebden Bridge, HX7 5QZ

Note: The previous (Tiscali) email address is defunct. For e-contact try: michaelhaslam14fc --- and where's that @?

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