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44pp. February 2017

ISBN 978-0-9934973-8-4

[cover of A Cure for Woodness]


A Cure for Woodness

104 pp. March 2010 Arc Publications Nanholme Mill, Shaw Wood Road, Todmorden OL14 6DA
12.99 (hbk) & 9.99 (pbk)
978 1904614 84 5 (pbk)
978 1906570 36 1 (hbk)


[cover of The Quiet Works]


The Quiet Works

16 pp. August 2009. 4.
Oystercatcher Press, 4 Coastguard Cottages, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 6EL


[cover of Mid Life]


Mid Life
Poetry 1980-2000

208 pp. June 2007. 11.95.
ISBN-13 978-1-905700-39-4
Shearsman Books, 58 Velwell Road, Exeter, EX4 4LD

A revised republication of A Whole Bauble Material. Notes to this book can be found at the page Notes to Mid Life.


[cover of A Sinner Saved by Grace]


A Sinner Saved By Grace
subtitled "a second verse of Music
(Laid her

79pp, June 2005.
ISBN1-904614-16-4. 8.95.
Arc Publications Nanholme Mill, Shaw Wood Road, Todmorden OL14 6DA.

This is in some ways a deliberately awkward book, that has met with little critical response. I suspect critics detect a certain awkwardness, and kindly hesitate to say as much.


[cover of THE Music Laid her SONGS IN LANGUAGE]



47pp, July 2001.
ISBN 1-900072-68-8. 5.95
Arc Publications Nanholme Mill, Shaw Wood Road, Todmorden OL14 6DA.

This one was well-received. In fact, Robert Potts made it one of three 'Picks of The Year' in The Guardian, 2001. Me and Geoffrey Hill and Paul Muldoon. Fair enough, I thought.


[cover of Continual Song]



90pp, 1986.
ex-Open Township (Michael Haslam)
14 Foster Clough, Heights Road, Hebden Bridge HX7 5QZ

This was the self-published volume that came (see the Name) to define the course of the oeuvre. I still have some stock at Foster Clough, available at the original price, 4.50 plus a quid for postage. Buy now. Pay Michael Haslam.


[cover of A Whole Bauble]


A WHOLE BAUBLE (Collected Poems 1977-94)

260pp. Carcanet 1995.

This volume is out of print, and I've reclaimed my copyrights, but second-hand copies seem to be available at

Much of this 'Collected Poems' (all but Continual Song, Three of My Chasms, and a couple of other poems) was in fact written (or re-written) in 1994. See Bibliography.
To access selected parts of it, see Texts or Unique Objects.


Publications since A Cure for Woodness
3 pages of discontinial songs (in The Other Room Anthology,
A 4pp poem, Old Lad, in the Cambridge Literary Review 5
2pp in the (Oystercatcher) Shearsman Anthology Sea Pie (see News for 27/8/12);
4pp in Anthony Barnett & Ian Brinton's Snow; and 4pp in the Kelvin Corcoran edited magazine, Shearsman 97 & 98.

See News

Pace-Egg: Notes for a History of Doggerel
in Northern Earth 121
On Fool's Bracelet in Quid 17 (The Prynne Festschrift) see
Interview conducted by Andrew Duncan (conducted 2004) titled Time Sprites
in a volume titled Don't Start Me Talking, from Salt (2007)

of new, unpublished work,
see Current Scribble.

Some Loose Talk:

The trouble with the "loose net of congenial spiritual company" I referred to on the home page is that it can become a comfort, an enclosure, a sect, and we forget that The Real Thing can spring up anywhere, and doesn't have to connect with the net of an 'us'. I remember having been met with the eyebrow expressions of High Cambridge Scorn when I've named the wrong sort of name. My take on what this net has been is shown in the loose talk of Towards a Bibliography. Its current shape gets expressed in for example, The Archive of The Now. There are anthologies----Iain Sinclair's Conductors of Chaos for one, Richard Caddel & Peter Quartermain's Other for another, and there are others yet. But there are quite other other sources than our other.
    I'm featured in two 2006 anthologies gathered by the extraordinary Barry Tebb. These are Beyond Stigma, and The Real Survivors Anthology (Sixties Press, 89 Connaught Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3PJ,, each 10, ISBNs 0-9529994-5-5 & 0-9529994-6-3, respectively. These anthologies present a quite different range of poets, the only other clear overlap being Ben 'Out to Lunch' Watson, his Capgrass Speculations in Beyond Stigma.
    On the record, I reckon Barry Tebb and his associates such as Brenda Williams and Daisy Abey are The Real Thing, though they may inhabit a different poetical village.
    I Am Against British Poetical Clique Xenophobia.


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