Grubby Duplicates


Not all of the items listed below are grubby. The first three are mint, or nigh-mint. I call the list 'grubby' in memory of a time, many years ago, when I sold a box of books to Alan Halsey, then in Hay-on-Wye. He was rather taken aback when he saw the state of them, and had to drop his price. The better the poetry, the more grubbily-thumbed it might be.
        I'm not a collector, have not that mentality, but I do tend to amass books. And I've parted with attractive books I miss (Jack Spicer's Heads of the Town, Prynne's The White Stones). But when a new Collected comes out, I suppose I might part with some of its constituent parts. And, as I get older, I begin to think that I don't want to leave Merlin, My Only Son And Heir, with a disposal quandary. Best just get the house-clearance boys in.
        As for prices, I think I'm thinking in terms of units of £5, for those who are willing to trust the postman and contribute directly to the beer fund, though cheques are perfectly acceptable. Some items will be worth less that a fiver. In that case, you'll have to buy more than one. Offers invited.

Mint (or nigh-Mint) ex-Open Township Books

Roger Giroux, Time and the Tree (trans. Anthony Barnett) 1987.
Nicholas Moore, Lacrimae Rerum (published in assoc. Poetical Histories) 1988.
Michael Haslam, Continual Song 1986. (Also listed on this site, under Recent Publications. But if you find it on this page, you can save 50p.)

Released by Collecteds

Gael Turnbull
        A Trampoline. Poems 1952-1964. Cape Goliard 1968.
A handsome book, structurally sound, but the white card cover is genuinely grubby.
        Residues Grosseteste 1976.
Good, I'd say. Inscribed "Michael Haslam".

Roy Fisher
        The Ship's Orchestra Fulcrum 1966.
Handsome hardback, with slightly grubbed wrapper (David Jones woodcut). Inscribed "Michael Haslam".
        Collected Poems 1968 (the ghost of a paper bag) Fulcrum 1969. Sound, but lacking wrapper, the white card cover is quite blank. Inscribed "Michael Haslam".
        The Cut Pages Fulcrum 1971.
Good hardback with wrapper. Inscribed "Michael Haslam".
        A Furnace Oxford University Press 1986.
Very good, I reckon.

Lee Harwood
        Landscapes Fulcrum 1969.
Sound hardback with wrapper. Inscribed "Michael Haslam February 16th 1970 (my birthday---I must've gifted myself).
        The Sinking Colony Fulcrum 1970.
Some grubbiness.
        Monster Masks Pig Press 1985.

David Chaloner
        Year of Meteors Arc 1972.
Inscribed. "Michael Haslam".
        Today Backwards The Many Press 1977.
        Hotel Zingo Grosseteste 1981.
Inscribed "Michael Haslam 1982".
All the above exhibit standard Haslamic grubbiness. Otherwise sound.

John James
        Striking the Pavilion of Zero Ian McKelvie 1975.
        A Theory of Poetry Street Editions 1977.
        Local Poetical Histories 1990.
Grubbinesses as above. Otherwise sound.

Anthony Barnett
        Titular I-VI Grosseteste 1975.
        Fear and Misadventure/Mud Settles Ferry 1977.
Inscribed "Michael Haslam July 1977".
        A Cowfoot Curiously Strong 1978.
        Quiet Facts The Many Press 1979.
Inscribed "Michael Haslam Foster Clough 1980".
Condition of the above: as above.

Andrew Crozier
        High Zero Street Editions 1978.
Inscribed "Michael Haslam 1979".
        Were There The Many Press 1978.
Inscribed "Michael Haslam 1979".


If anyone is actually interested in the sort of material, in the sort of range referred to on the Bibliography page----magazines or individual collections, mostly A4 mimeo+staples (likely rusting by now), some foolscap or quarto, others A5 litho+perfect bound (or permutations thereof), contact me with query, and I'll see what I've got.


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