michael surname

Surname is a joke I don't insist on

"Cambridge is a very aquarian. or
antiquarian town."

"a blue sky that tells you that
just above the intellect there is
a plane of Spirit that will open
when your intellect can go no further,
and your highest self claims
the wisdom that lies there ready
when you have grown into a
knowledge of its presence. This
is the work of the blue


Allright Haslam

Right you are sir

11 a.m. Tuesday April 20th, Panton St

Fielding Dawson be with my at this hour

I wonder where he is

For John James

I thought he was

Asking For It.

Nick Ian Martin, off you go


I know there are going to be pigeons

John Hall immediately
is one of the intellectual glasses
exploding in air
when fragments fall into articulation
because he can spot a pattern on the carpet

Mistaken it was
ever to erect a class of adjectives
Everyone is a noun
imagine an everyone noun

it's no use
it explodes in the air
and makes immediately for carpet

carpet makes
immediately for carpet
carpet carpet carpet

Roy Fisher

Give me a hand
into a depth of velvet

Curtain came immediately to hand
this colour
a sort of greenish
you would have to see

disembodied hand playing a trumpet
out in front of the velvet

the clash of a cymbal off air

guess what sort of greenish he could be

Michael H's

Michael Hamburger Surprisingly
because of a particular exhalation of breath
after speaking his name you
tend to breathe in rather steeply

Michael H's as a matter of fact
tend to be in a class of his own

Michael Horovitz
Michael Hamburger
Michael Haslam

each in a glass on his own

I am a Michael in Aquarius
& in Namesake

how about you

Eddie Linden
I don't want to include you and

God damn me if I exclude you

In all the aquariae or

Cambridge said
indoubtedly getting it

imperfectly right

and don't think that god hasn't sometimes                                        been
raised to wrath by intellectual glances

Hold it right there
and make way for a man of intelligence

excuse me

John Riley

a silver poet nineteen seventy seven
including stainless steel
(excluding chrome)
and watching through the microphone

a check against distortion
An authentic
Can authentic be authentic any more

Precise as someone's actual accent
An authentic voice

Tim, of Possibles

a class of Johns
a class of Rileys
a class of poets with glasses
beerglasses as well as spectacles

Fishers, possibly, or
under A come
Please miss

a class of children

a class of Johns

Come out here James
this man wants to paint your aura
using tubes prepacked with light

light in doodles
squiggle a bit here

Stop giggling girls

Come out one of you
at the back of the glass

Peter Riley wrote a book called Peter Riley
It was not a joke
and we didn't laugh

As an English poet
We enjoyed it thoroughly

No they can't exploit our joy
No I can't exploit it either

We will always enjoy the story of your                                     exploits
(Something suddenly made me jump)
We will always enjoy the story of your                                     exploits

No I cannot say so No


Giff off Give off
Sinclair comes striding
through the land

He cannot be contained in a book
He cannot be contained in a class

His bootprint smudges
are natural signs

He has made himself a shield of
blue light against what look like
lightning flashes
Because of his mind
where he walks the veil is thin

And you can see through if you are to
Light on the letters of Sinclair's skin

The rhyme is because of my own fear

Red carpet become a crucifix
with Creeley reading in it

Cast off
We are all growing up
Abnormally very fast This Year

We can manage
Very much
On our own
Thank you

No we can't manage


Slow London
Allen Fisher is telling the news

A car screech
Somebody screamed

rubber tyres up the road


the infinitesimable flame

the infinatesimal flame

Andrew Crozier
What does he know

I am still waiting for something more about                                         the
Orange light

What are you going to do with this

I'm going to give it to John

Life is like this

What are you going to do with the orange                                         fire
We have got it in buckets

If you've got any more like this
Leave them outside

What do you want to relieve you
These are beating wings
This this and this

is it a dove or a pigeon

yes it is

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