Notes to Mid Life

A Companion to "Mid Life" 
(Shearsman 2007)

Notes to Continual Song: No actual text: a lot of loose talk gossip, scribbled A.D.2005.
               Part 1 (00/00--28/57)
                Part 2 (29/56--56/29)
                Part 3 (57/28--00/00)
Notes to Aleethia:
(May 2007)                                                     (I.i./1.;Note; IV.iv./16)

Notes To Three of My Chasms (Something's Recrudescence through to its Effulgence)

(Openings; Note; Close)

        The Green Woodpecker
        My Chasms

(Three of My Chasms can be heard at:
The Archive of The Now)

And A Fourth

The Bridge that Sings

 Burble Notes: (Openings; Note; Close)

A Lubrick Loosed
Ovidian Slips
The Fountain Tree: The Paradaisal Tuba

A Lancashire Chimaera
Reed Raft Across Mere Moss
Spriggan Fair
A Book of Odds

And with Introduction; 4 Openings; 4 Closes; interspersed notes and General Conclusion:

Singleton's 10p Recital

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