Spriggan Fair


[Opening. 1.]                               

Up to a shriek and yielding, the excess gave let
to bleating at the throat. The field was rank.
You knew it needed to be mowed. I had a spriggan
threatening to run amok. I'm not conceding
what was owed. Expressly it was being booked
for being bloody cropped. It shot that shout
so loud that the machinery had stopped.....


Among instances of phenomenal social shape may be counted The Party, The Fair and The Festival. They pass from time to time. I've been interested in abstract meta-shapes that might describe their temporal transport. And then these shapes might be compared and may be blended mentally with the shapes of love affairs or, if there's music, at and with the party, fair or festival, and with the shapes that the music or, reflexively, the shape's own poem makes.

The spriggan is an ugly sort of Cornish Fairy, that from small can enormously enlarge itself. "The explosion of the spriggan" might be a description of the plot, which was in fact overlooked by conical mountains, white spillage of kaolin spoil. That must have been St. Austell, not the spriggan, but the place I mean. Spriggans are never sainted. Squints and grimaces more like, and border-playful curses. I admire 'em. 


So decided we must say no blether
but to say together Spirit Deicided
in the rout in twine: the one to shadow blight
of loathing foiled; the other grew revolting
in advance and shrank fastidious
into a nicer neat recoil. So though
we came to scorn enjoyment of
enjoined performance, this was not before
we claimed the making of a new thesaurus:

I speak of a fervent performance,
and a certain spirit form.
        What did you spend such time in Celtic Folklore
and The Fairies for?

        Called Spriggan Fair.


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